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My First Book About Salah

My First Book About Salah

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The perfect book to introduce children to the Gift of Prayer (Salah).


This simple but beautiful book introduces children to the second pillar of Islam; the five daily prayers. It starts with reference to the Night Journey ‘Isra wal Miraj’ in which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) first received the Gift of Prayer. It outlines some of the practical aspects of Salah and explains why, when and where Muslims can pray in a way that will provide a positive understanding of the most important act of worship for Muslims. 

It is a book to be treasured by children, with large, colourful illustrations and carefully written text that children will understand and enjoy. 

ISBN: 9780860378525
Pages: 26
Age: 2+
Binding: Hardcover
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Love all the series including this New One !

This book is our most favourite at the moment. My 1 Year old easily understand concept of Salah and the movement of Salah after reading this book few times. She loves the pictures too. Can't wait until she is older and be able to read this book and learn more from it.

My first book about Salah.

Maa Shaa Allah a beautiful and insightful book.
One of our favourite collection of books purchased at My Little Library.


Love all the series. Amazing book. Highly recommend all the series in this collection! I wish there was a more efficient way to write reviews.