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Salam Aotearoa

Watermelon Tote Bag - “They Tried To Bury Us But Did Not Know We Were Seeds”

Watermelon Tote Bag - “They Tried To Bury Us But Did Not Know We Were Seeds”

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100% of profits towards Palestine via Palestinian Identity (

Product Details:
- Colors: Available in black and off-white
- Material: 320 gsm (AS Colour)
- Dimensions: 42cm x 42cm
- Gusset Width: 9.5cm

Ever wondered, "Why a watermelon?"
The watermelon beautifully echoes the vibrant colours of the Falesteen flag—a symbol embodying strength, identity, and resistance.

Delving into the Design:
The watermelon seeds symbolize our people, our ummah, and the countless voices rising against injustice. The subtle kuffiyeh pattern woven through the seeds signifies the unity of humanity. It encapsulates the essence of preserving the identity of our Falesteen whānau and their profound connection to their land, etched through the sprouts of the olive trees.

“Ka Toitū Tātou” ~ This is us: This is who we are, and this is what we will continue to do; to grow, to teach and to never forget.

Artist: Naeema Nilufa (@naeemasartwork)

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Customer Reviews

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Erin Gifkins

Amazing bag, amazing quality and all proceeds going to Gaza... LOVE !

Free Palestine !

Beautiful Tote

In love with this tote! It’s been a beautiful way to show solidarity. It’s large, roomy and the straps are nice and thick so it doesn’t slip off my shoulders. Has very quickly replaced my daily tote <3