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The Arabic Alphabet of Huruf Island Card Game

The Arabic Alphabet of Huruf Island Card Game

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Age 3+

The characters of Huruf Island are here to help you again. This time you get to interact with them directly and have fun playing games that will make you an Arabic Alphabet expert in no time. The games will test you on speed, accuracy, strategy, and memory. With just one deck, there are various modes of play to cater to different levels and interests.

This card game will help you:

Recognise the Arabic letters

Identify the beginning, middle and end form of each letter

Know the sound each letter makes when paired with Fathah, Kasra, etc.

Spell out simple 3-letter words in Arabic

Learn how to join the letters to form an Arabic word.

You don’t have to pull out your hair to introduce or think of creative ways of teaching your child how to read Arabic. Let the card games do it for you.


134 cards

Instruction booklet

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