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Quran Trace

Quran Trace

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Innovative, dynamic and faith inspired, Quran Trace presents the world’s leading authenticated traceable Quran in the uthmani (Medina) script using the naskh calligraphy style. Featuring the entire Quran in a 15-line traceable format, this mushaf facilitates for a unique combination of visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic/tactile learning styles.

Designed to deepen your relationship with God’s divine words, it’s unique traceable feature seeks to revive the rich Islamic tradition of penmanship, inspiring you to: 

  • actively seek a profound and long-lasting connection with the Allah’s words
  • manifest your goal of reading, writing and memorising the Quran
  • accelerate your Arabic language journey
  • cultivate positive, Quran-centred lifestyle habits, including mindfulness and contemplation

Allowing you to approach the text with assistance, this mushaf also contains a guide to Quranic writing and etiquettes inspired by the renowned Islamic scholar Imam Al-Qurtubi. Using the unique index included in the Quran, you will also gain contextual insight, learning the period of revelation and length of each chapter.

This mushaf will allow you to encounter new ways to think, feel and experience God’s words. This is the first product of a series of exciting and luxurious traceable Quranic education tools, designed, developed and certified by renowned Quran teachers and professors of Quranic sciences.

The cover design combines the classical thuluth script variety of Islamic calligraphy with a high-quality, contemporary production, perfectly reflecting our unique blend of Eastern and Western excellence. Printed using premium Turkish gold foil sourced from Istanbul, the book comes in two timeless colours – black and white.

Reflecting the inspiration behind Quran Trace, the back cover reads: Recite! and your Lord is the most Generous. Who taught by the pen. Taught man that which he knew not. [Qur’an 96:3-5]

Powerfully practical, this traceable Quran is perfect for personal use or as a thoughtful gift for anyone seeking to develop or strengthen their love with the Book of Allah. Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Here are 7 benefits of the product:
1. Invest more time in Allah's words by reading, writing, and contemplating them, which will multiply your good deeds and bring you rewards for each letter.
2. Develop the ability to write Arabic properly and with precise methods. An excellent project for aspiring calligraphers and artists.
3. Expand your vocabulary using the Quran's approximately 18 thousand unique words.
4. A fantastic revising aid for strengthening your Hifz and increasing your Quranic memory while writing and reciting, as is customary in Quran seminaries throughout North Africa (Mauritania/Morocco).
5. A self-written personal transcript in which you will ultimately write the entire Quran yourself and achieve a unique accomplishment.
6. A spiritual therapeutic tool, where writing Allah's words would undoubtedly promote mindfulness and relieve stress. Self-care can be accomplished through writing. According to research, writing makes you happier since it enables you to discover clarity among stressful
7. Let your hands be witnesses to this beautiful activity on the day of judgement, the day when the tongues, the hands and the feet will bear witness as to what they used to do. [Surah An Nur]

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 620
Paper: 120 GSM
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