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Quran Tagging Kit: Knowing & Glorifying Allah (Part 2)

Quran Tagging Kit: Knowing & Glorifying Allah (Part 2)

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Introducing Part 2 of the inspirational Qur'an Tagging Kit, to help you become more interactive with your Quran. The theme of the Part 2 Tagging Kit is 'Knowing & Glorifying Allah.'

Each kit includes:

*80x pre-cut transparent adhesive backed labels of verses and dua’s from the Quran

*100x coloured sticky flags to stick the labels on

*A booklet which shows where each Verse and Du’a can be found in the Quran and can be easily be slipped into any Quran.

Part 2 contains additional verses in line with this theme. Verses wherein Allah’s Power is highlighted, as well as those where Allah guides us on how to praise and glorify Him.

This would make a beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one – being able to quickly access a Dua in times of need or to be able to study the Tafseer of these verses and Duas, is invaluable!

- Part 1 of the Quran Tagging kit here
- Part 3 of the Quran Tagging kit here
- BUNDLE: Parts 1, 2 & 3 here

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