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Our Journey to Jannah

Our Journey to Jannah

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A beautiful, comforting read for Muslim children to learn more about Jannah, particularly if they have lost a loved one, have a life-threatening illness themselves, or simply if they are curious about what happens to us when we die.

Written by a Johannesburg-based mother, Shaa'ista, known on Instagram as @southafricanmuslimah. She was inspired to write this for her 9 year old terminally ill son, Umar, before he passed away. May Allah elevate his stages in Jannah.

"A beautiful read for all kids, breaking down the amazing journey to Jannah and the treasures and joys that await us in our Happily Ever After. This book you hold in your hands, is the heart of a legacy of a mother and son, Shaa’ista and Umar.“

– Apa Rehana Shah Bulbulia, authoress of multiple well-renowned publications

“What we teach our children is like a carving on stone…their faith in what we teach is way stronger than an adult! As we are made for Jannah…let’s read into it!”

- Apa Zaahira Karrim, Ummah Heart

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