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Names of Allah: A Memory Matching Game

Names of Allah: A Memory Matching Game

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Memory skills

  • Encourages turn-taking and playing together

  • Lightweight and portable for easy on-the go-fun

  • Visual Representation of 20 names of Allah

  • Approved by Religious Scholar

  • 40 picture tiles

The popular game to help learn the Names of Allah has 20 names per set! It’s the classic game of matching and memory—now featuring the names of Allah. Each tile has a name of Allah carefully illustrated to demonstrate its meaning. By providing a visual your child can come to understand Allah and fall in love.

This is the perfect way to introduce names of Allah to each type of learner

Visual: Providing the visual meaning for the names of Allah allows a child to understand without language

Auditory: Repeating the name of Allah at each turn gives your child multiple opportunities to hear and learn the name of Allah

Tactile: Touching and physically getting involved in the game helps your tactile learner remember each name of Allah

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rozni Ilyas

Super product , the pictures help the kids to remember the names in English n arabic.
Happy to have bought this product

Nu'aim A

Don’t regret my purchase. Very nice matching cards.