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My Ramadan Box (For Big Kids)

My Ramadan Box (For Big Kids)

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My Ramadan Box (For Big Kids) is aimed for 6-9 year olds. The perfect way to keep kids entertained during Ramadan. 

My Ramadan Box (For Little Kids) consists of:

All neatly packed in a box and valued at $111. This is a great way to introduce children to Ramadan and get them excited about the blessed month!

*Activity Book will be one of the following:
Ramadan and Fasting Activity Book
All About Wudu Activity Book
All About Prayer Activity Book
Mosques of the World Activity Book
Makkah and Madinah Activity Book

*Prophets Activity Book will be one of the following:
Prophet Sulaiman (AS) and the Talking Ants
Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and the Little Bird
Prophet Ismail (AS) and the Zam-Zam Well
Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the Crying Camel
Prophet Adam (AS) and Wicked Iblis
Prophet Yusuf (AS) Devoured by the Wolf
Prophet Yunus (AS) Swallowed by the Whale

*Quiz Cards will be one of the following:
Islamic Teachings Quiz
The Prophets Quiz
Quran Quiz
Seerah Quiz
Hadith Quiz
Quran Verses Quiz
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