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Jannah Jewels - Mystery In Morocco (Book 6)

Jannah Jewels - Mystery In Morocco (Book 6)

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Ages 7+

Introducing Jannah Jewels - The Award Winning Chapter Book Series

Meet Fatima al-Fihri in the #1 Original Chapter Book Series for Muslim Kids!

In the sixth book, the Jannah Jewels visit the glorious city of Fes in Morocco. Young readers are taken through a dizzying maze as their five senses come alive in the exciting souks of Morocco. While trying to solve a riddle, the Jewels have to escape traps and tricks! Young readers find out more about the Golden Clock, the written secret locked inside, and about Jaffar and his family. The Jannah Jewels find out about the famous Fatima al-Fihri, the founder of the first university in the world, Al-Qarawiyine. And, wait a minute? Is that a goat in a tree? Find out more as the Jannah Jewels try to solve the riddle, escape Jaffar, and find the artifact in Fes before time runs out?

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