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Jannah Jewels - Intrigue In India (Book 10)

Jannah Jewels - Intrigue In India (Book 10)

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Ages: 7-11

Introducing Jannah Jewels - The Award Winning Chapter Book Series

Meet Sultana Razia in the #1 Original Chapter Book Series for Muslim Kids!

In the tenth book of the Jannah Jewels Adventure Series, they travel back in time to Ancient India in the 13th century. They meet Sultana Razia of India, who leads her people with humour, strength, and grace. Young readers are taken into a dazzling talent festival in which Hidayah has to compete and win if they are ever going to get back home! While trying to figure out a riddle in ancient Sanskrit, the Jewels go on a huge adventure and learn about the importance of diversity. Readers will put together missing pieces about Jaffar’s family and be surprised at a major twist in the story! Can the Jannah Jewels win the talent festival and solve the clues to find the 10th artifact in India before time runs out?

ISBN: 9781988337036
Format: Paperback
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