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Healing the Emptiness: A guide to emotional and spiritual well-being

Healing the Emptiness: A guide to emotional and spiritual well-being

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By Yasmin Mogahed

Many of us have lost our way in this life. Some people have given up hope, as they see no way out of their pain, their problems, their failures. Some people carry years of shame and self-hatred. And some live with a deep emptiness, despite worldly success.
But there is hope. And there is always a road back. Just as we were sent on this worldly journey with the capacity to fall, we were also given the capacity to rise. Just as we would bleed, we would also heal. We would be designed with the divine capacity to cope. To survive. To even thrive through the storms. Each and every one of us would be given the God-given potential to see through the darkness. To rise through the cold. To break again and again, and to heal again and again. And then to be even more beautiful at the broken parts.

This book will give you a step by step guide to healing your unique emptiness.


ISBN: 979-8985291810
Pages: 242
Format: Paperback
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nu'aim A

Recommended book. Finished reading it in couple of days, because it’s so addicting.

Fari H

Have been waiting for this book for soooo long and finally found it on here Alhamdullilah! I like how you can flip to any part of the book for a specific topic, and how easy it is to read. Makes for such a nice gift too