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Baby’s First Box of Quran Stories - Volume 1

Baby’s First Box of Quran Stories - Volume 1

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Ages 0-5

Inspiring Quran Stories to Thank Allah for His Blessings.

‘Baby’s First Box of Quran Stories - Volume 1’ is a set of five board books. An excellent way to present the Quran stories to children.

Books in this include:
  • Allah the Creator
  • Prophet Adam عليه السلام
  • Prophet Nuh عليه السلام
  • Prophet Ibrahim عليه السلام
  • Prophet Yusuf عليه السلام


ISBN: 9789391969851
Format: Boardbook


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Customer Reviews

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Aisha Khan Aisha Khan
Quran Stories

Masha allah beautiful stories of our prophet. Thank You so much team of my little library for thinking about this. My son loves books from the beginning and i am glad I found islamic books


Great books love both volumes! I wish there 1was a more efficient way to write reviews.